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Omnilux Revive LED, Red Light Treatment

Omnilux emits a completely painless, pure non-laser light source. Using the red light part of the natural white light spectrum, will complement your skin’s own natural moisture renewal process, while deeply hydrating and plumping the skin.
Hydrate, rejuvenate and revive your face with our favourite red light treatment.

Hydrate your face!
An introductory offer for new clients.
Purchase an Omnilux Revive package of 4 treatments for only $180.00 usually $440.00

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Offer available to new clients and valid until 31st May 2019.
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                 Omnilux Revive treatment room at Aesthetica

What is the Omnilux, LED red light treatment and what will it do for my skin?

Omnilux encompasses a completely natural method of skin-rejuvenation using light-only methods.
It uses the same natural processes the body uses to battle the effects of ageing as well as enhancing and extending the effects of skin care products.

The red light part of the natural white light spectrum is used and emits a completely painless, pure light source, that is not ultraviolet or infra-red light or laser based.

Previous clients of Omnilux Revive have experienced many different types of results;

  • an overall lifting and hydrating feeling
  • an overall improvement in  their skin tone and texture
  • an evening-out of skin pigmentation
  • a smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • a feeling of well being and relaxation

This red light treatment can be used in a course of treatments on it’s own, although there are also different treatment combinations available for different skin types.
At your initial consultation with one of our dermal clinicians, your concerns and expectations will be discussed.
A course of Omnilux Revive LED Red Light treatments on their own, or in combination may achieve your best outcome.

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Kerri-Anne Kennerley featured on Channel 9,  A Current Affair television programme. She revealed that her beauty regime included treatment with the Omnilux LED red light treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Omnilux

What is LED Therapy?

Work by NASA proposed that Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) had potential benefits in the medical community. With this knowledge and an understanding of how light interacts with the body, Photo Therapeutics Inc, developed the Omnilux for the medical and aesthetic use.

The OMNILUX gives dermal clinicians direct access to medically and clinically proven technology for their clients. It enables them to deliver specific colours or wavelengths of light critical to achieving excellent results for different skin conditions. This includes general skin rejuvenation, acne and can be used in combination with other aesthetic therapies to enhance results.

Why Choose Omnilux?

Unlike any other light therapy device on the market, OMNILUX is based on many years of medical research. It is used extensively by 3300 dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. The overall efficacy and safety is very well documented in over 60 peer-reviewed publications. This ensures you have effective results. OMNILUX efficacy regarding the improvement of wrinkles and acne treatment is substantiated by over a decade of clinical evidence. This proven evidence is in short supply from the new quick-to-market entries in the LED light category.

What happens during your red light treatment?

Initially your skin is cleansed and you are under the Omnilux Revive light for 20 minutes. With your eyes covered and closed you will relax underneath the warmth of the red light. While relaxing your whole face is being rejuvenated and hydrated.

Is the treatment safe?

The light source used has been in use in hospital dermatology and oncology departments for over ten years for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, with no repercussions, hazards or complications involved.

Is the light hot?

The LED lights do not create excessive heat. It does not produce harmful UVA, UVB or infrared radiation. You will experience an overall feeling of warmth from the light beam. The feeling is quite relaxing.

Is the Omnilux Revive LED red light treatment the best treatment for me?

Seeing as the red light is very gentle, the main area of concern is for those whose skin is prone to photosensitivity. It is against our policy to offer Omnilux to anyone with epilepsy or porphyria. It is also suggested to get permission from your doctor if you are currently pregnant. If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will discuss any potential concerns.

How many treatments will I need?

The red light treatments can be a single “pick-me-up” photo-facial session or a course of treatments. There are usually 10 treatments done 2 to 3 times a week for an intense package. Weekly treatments will also achieve lasting results.

How long does each treatment take?

The first treatment takes 1 hour which includes the initial consultation, however, consequent sessions will take 20 minutes. There is no downtime with Omnilux Revive LED red light treatments.

When will I see results?

While many clients notice the immediate effects with the red light treatment, every client is different. The first signs you will notice are a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. Your results are dependent on your skin condition and type. Environmental and lifestyle factors need to be considered too.

How long does the result last?

This depends entirely on your own skin condition, your lifestyle and environmental factors. We recommend a maintenance treatment monthly once your course is completed..


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