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Hymen Reconstruction, Hymen Repair

Hymen Reconstruction, hymen repair or hymenoplasty is a procedure that is becoming an increasingly common  at Aesthetica Image Centre, Melbourne.

hymen reconstruction / repair at AestheticaAt Aesthetica we offer you caring and compassionate consultation and advice about Hymen Reconstruction or Repair, a deeply personal procedure.

At Aesthetica, we understand your deep historical or religious traditions. For many, the presence of an intact hymen is an essential indication of purity. Our doctors have been performing this procedure for approximately 8 years.

Your first consultation can be with the Doctor, or if you prefer to with our patient advisor, Julie who will listen to your concerns and explain how the the procedure is done and recovery.
The procedure will repair your hymen permanently with normal living.
We offer you a caring and compassionate consultation and options regarding Hymen Reconstruction.

We respect your privacy. Understand what you are going through and will offer you as much support as necessary to help you make the decision about whether it is necessary to have a hymen reconstruction.

Hymen Reconstruction / Repair procedure

Your hymen reconstruction is a day procedure and takes an hour.
You are usually able to return to your normal routine the next day. As long as it does not involve anything too strenuous, or spreading your legs apart.

If you would like to read more about the procedure, your recovery and the cost, visit our web page Hymen Repair at Aesthetica

Contact our very caring and experienced practice manager Julie for information or a private consultation today, via email or call her on 03 9824 6137.




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