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Brow Ultherapy

Brow Ultherapy the latest effective replacement for anti wrinkle injections

Brow Ultherapy is becoming increasing popular as a lasting alternative to wrinkle relaxing injections, especially for your brow.
While these wrinkle relaxing injections are still a popular method of relaxing those fine lines and wrinkles for a short period of time, many are opting for a Brow Ultherapy.
Brow Ultherapy is a non surgical one off treatment that will give you a brow lift as well, softening the appearance of those pesky ageing fine lines by rebuilding and rejuvenating your own collagen and elastin from within. It slows down the ageing process, and recommended to have a Brow Ultherapy every 18-24 months.
The cost for a Brow ultherapy is usually $900.00 but for the month of April we are offering this fantastic treatment for only $700.00.





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