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Labiaplasty, labia reduction, Melbourne

Unlike most other cosmetic procedures labiaplasty, or labia reduction are not noticeable to other people, but that doesn’t mean the positive effects from this procedure can be less profound.
At Aesthetica Image Centre, Melbourne, our friendly team of Doctors, nurses and support staff understand that this is a very sensitive subject for you and that it is not easily talked about.

Labiaplasty at Aesthetica is generally performed using local anaesthetic with or without sedation or general anesthetic – it is up to you! The procedure usually only takes a little over an hour.
The cost for a labioplasty starts at $4,900 (all inclusive) and an additional fee if the clitoral hood is needing to be reduced as well.
Recovery time is usually 3-4 days and resuming full activity after 3-4 weeks.
You are most welcome to book in for a free informative consultation with our patient advisor Julie or ask her any questions you may have via email or call 9824 6134.
If you are interested in a patient’s experience our recent blog may be of interest – A patient’s perspective.
Doctors are available for free consultations too.

Our experienced team of Doctors headed by Dr Ashley Granot, have been performing labiaplasty in Melbourne for over 15 years.
They are regularly refining their technique and training in the United States under the guidance of Dr Red Alinsod. Dr Alinsod developed and pioneered many of the innovative techniques in this area of labiaplasty, labia reduction and vaginal rejuvenation.


At Aesthetica Image Centre considering labiaplasty, labia reduction is a personal choice and can be embarrassing. We are here to help and advise you.

Some Labiaplasty statistics…

Approximately 30 percent of women have excess genital tissue (or large labia).
This problem may :

  • have started in adolescence and been too embarrassed to talk about it
  • be due to the effects of childbirth
  • be due to ageing
  • be due to trauma resulting in labia enlargement, unevenness, or traumatic tears that affects the size or appearance the labia

This can result in:

  • discomfort with intimate contact
  • chronic rubbing while playing sport or bike riding causing chaffing or irritation of the labia.
  • a pulling sensation
  • vulva pain

Most women simply live with these symptoms because they are not aware that there are options available, or too embarrassed to ask .

Labiaplasty procedure, cost and options

Labia Minora Reduction

The labia minora also known as the inner lips vary in size, shape and colour, but resemble flower petals and can range in colour from a purple, pink, brown, or red. The purpose of your labia minora is to protect your vagina and urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of your body) from bacteria.
Labiaplasty, labia reduction is the removal of excess, floppy, or uneven labia minora (smaller interior vaginal lips).
This procedure designed to help women feel more confident about the way they look.

Labia Majora Reduction 

Labia majora, literally means outer lips or large lips, enclose and protect the other external reproductive organs. The labia majora contain sweat and oil-secreting glands.
The labia majora can be enlarged with excess skin and tissue.
Our Doctors have refined the labiaplasty majora technique over the years to safely reduce the size of the labia majora by excising a crescent shaped portion of the inner portion of the majora.
The scar is hidden in the crease between the inner and outer labia.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral hood reduction involves removing excess skin on the sides of the clitoris.
Genetics, estrogen, and testosterone exposure can make significant changes in the way the clitoral area appears. Labiaplasty surgery itself may result in the appearance of a relatively larger clitoral area since the excess labia have been removed drawing the eyes to the clitoral region.
Aesthetica offers an exceptionally precise clitoral hood reduction surgery for women seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their genital area by excising the extra folds of skin lateral and above the clitoris.
The clitoris itself and its nerves are never touched.

Is labiaplasty or labia reduction option for me?

As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, labiaplasty in Melbourne is no different, so it must be fully understood by you, so that informed consent can be given.
Your privacy is respected.
You can be assured that your consultation will be discreet.
Comprehensive information about labia reduction, risks, and recovery process will be provided to you during your obligation-free consultation and again during your pre-op visit.

At your Aesthetica consultation.

Once you decide you would like to explore your options further, it is important to have a personal consultation with a Doctor or patient advisor.
A patient advisor is great if you are seeking labiaplasty, labia reduction information and get a feeling for the cosmetic surgery practice, without having to be examined.
You will have the opportunity to see lots of  before and after photos of labia reduction and will certainly see some similar to your own area of concern.
You are welcome to see the Doctor either before or after the patient advisor.

At this stage you are often excited as there is someone who understands and can help you. But we encourage you not to rush into this. We do not want you to be caught in the moment and do something you may regret later. So think time is important.

During your medical consultation, the Doctor will discuss your concerns and expectations, the likely results and options for considering a labiaplasty. After an examination, he work with you to decide if the achievable outcome meets the results you desire.

Questions about labia reduction not to be afraid to ask the Doctor:

  • How long has the Doctor been performing  labia reduction / labiaplasty?
  • How often do they perform labiaplasty?
  •  Are my expectations realistic?
  •  What support do I get after my labiaplasty?
  • If I am not happy with the result, can it be fixed and who pays for the revision?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does labiaplasty take?

All labiaplasty procedures are done as a day procedure. They are usually performed with local anaesthetic and sedation as required. If you would prefer a general anaesthetic then that can also be an option.

It takes less than 2 hours for a labiaplasty minora to be performed.

How will I feel afterwards?

The labia reduction procedure is pain-free, and there is minimal discomfort afterwards.

There will be a little bit of bleeding for approximately 36 hours and you will be swollen.

When can I return to work?

With a labiaplasty you are usually able to return to work within 3 days and return to normal activities within a few weeks .

Before and after photos

Due to the nature of these pictures we prefer to only show you minimal.

We have many before and after photos and are happy to send you more if you are interestd before you come in for a consultation.

Aesthetica labiaplasty case history 1

Aesthetica labiaplasty case history 1


When will I see results?

With a labiaplasty procedure, healing is quite quick. With the scar healing within a week.

The stitches dissolve and will fall out from 1 -4 weeks.

The swelling can take 4-6 weeks to go down so the final result will not be seen until 6 weeks.

What are the risks?

There are inherent risks and possible complications with labiaplasty as there are with any procedure.

We will discuss these risks with you during your consultation. You will be fully informed before any procedure is performed.

Scarring: rare. As the area is moist the skin in the labia usually heals very well.

Infection: most unlikely. This surgical procedure is done under strict sterile conditions and you are given antibiotics as a precaution

Excess bleeding: very rare. Great care is always taken to seal all bleeding vessels. However, very rarely, bleeding may occur this rare possibility is always checked before you leave.

How much does labiaplasty cost in Melbourne

All Aesthetica Image Centre prices are inclusive with no other costs to pay. It covers your all your labia reduction procedure costs, medications and aftercare.

Your initial consultation with either the patient advisor or with the Doctor are both complimentary.

Costs for your labiaplasty procedure will be discussed at the time of your consultation as there are many variables but as an indication labiaplasty, labia reduction is $4,900 all inclusive.

Quite often the labia reduction procedure is the simplest part of your patient experience. The emotional turmoil and decision making process is where our patients rely heavily our caring staff, to help them through this very personal, elective procedure and after care. So if you have any questions, Julie, our patient advisor, is more than happy to help.

Need an appointment?

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